4 Smart Ideas for Designing a Kitchen in a Custom Home

As far as kitchen design is concerned, there are two categories: remodeling and custom design. In both types of project, homeowners must give careful consideration to finishes, surfaces, counters, cabinetry and appliances. In this article are several considerations to make when planning the kitchen for a custom home plan.


If you live in Idaho, it is fairly common for new homeowners to save their money while living in Idaho Falls apartments for rent prior to buying their first home. It is important then for a new homeowner to understand that the available options will largely be determined by the budget and what they have been able to save. Careful planning involves wise shopping, as well as ranking desired features in order of importance. If one can’t find the features they want at an affordable price, they should consider replacing costly materials with cheaper alternatives. For instance, Formica countertops are much less expensive than granite. If exotic wood cabinetry is out of the budget, painted, pre-fab models can look great at a lower price.


Kitchen cabinets are one of the most expensive components when building a custom home. To get the right look, the homeowner should consider the following tips.

  • Look through magazines and online for images of kitchens with a similar look.
  • Add variety by incorporating a mix of glass doors, open shelving and solid cabinets.
  • Hang the cabinets at varying heights to create visual interest. Installing an island in a different finish and style gives the appearance of a kitchen that has slowly evolved.
  • Consider having lower and upper cabinets in different colors.


A homeowner’s choice in lighting can make or break the entire kitchen. When properly installed and positioned, lighting can make the cabinetry glow and the appliances sparkle. When designing a custom kitchen, consider track or recessed lighting for proper illumination of cabinet interiors and countertop workspaces.


It’s easy to spend thousands when choosing kitchen appliances while building a custom home. Before the design process begins, the homeowner should visit a showroom to determine availability and pricing, as well as the potential need for appliance repairs. Many of the most desirable features can be had at relatively low price points, and homeowners should prioritize what’s most important for the family.

The Final Word

Attention to detail and careful planning are essential to the successful building of a custom home and kitchen. It’s easy to change accessories, hardware and wall coverings to reflect current design trends, but homeowners should think for a bit when choosing countertops, appliances and cabinetry, as they’re more enduring. Working with a professional designer can help novice homeowners get through the process of buying house plans for sale without paying too much money.


4 Giant Sized Benefits of SEO for Startups and Small Businesses

SEO (search engine optimization) helps owners of small businesses to create user-friendly and fast websites that achieve high search engine rankings while bringing in more qualified traffic and increased conversion rates. SEO and Internet marketing services can also help businesses build a brand, as users typically put greater trust in the sites on the first page of the SERPs. Small business owners should use SEO to build and maintain a web presence. Below are four of the biggest benefits of SEO for small business owners.

Building a User-Friendly Site

SEO can help a small business owner create a more user-friendly site. Although most Utah business owners think of Utah SEO services in its old definition, today’s search engine optimization is equally focused on user experience. A clean, well crafted and uncluttered website that’s optimized by a Utah SEO company can turn a casual visitor into a customer, and relevant content can provide value by answering readers’ most pressing questions. If it’s done properly, on-page small business SEO services can make users and search engines happy by providing high-quality information.

Bringing in More Customers

Benefits of SEO for Local BusinessesOne of the main reasons small business owners have websites is to set themselves apart from the competition. Businesses with optimized websites bring more traffic in and grow two times as fast as those whose sites aren’t optimized. Consulting with a Utah SEO specialist is one of the most affordable and efficient digital marketing strategies available, and it can help lure in customers who want the services and products being sold.

Higher Conversion Rates

Another one of the benefits of SEO is that optimized websites load faster, are simpler to navigate and read, and they’ll display correctly on a wider variety of devices such as smartphones and tablets. An easy-to-read website is more likely to grab and retain a customer’s attention, and those visitors are more likely to subscribe and return.

Increased Brand Awareness

One of the biggest benefits of SEO and higher SERP rankings is greater brand awareness. When a site appears on the first page of Bing, Yahoo or Google, potential customers are more likely to trust the results when they search for a particular keyword. That’s why managers and owners should invest in small business SEO services when they want to increase brand awareness.


3 Keys to Building Business Credit as a Young Entrepreneur

Starting a new business can be frustrating. Here are a few tips every entrepreneur should know. First, work with a sound business adviser or an attorney. The adviser does not have to be an attorney. However, they should have experience and serve as a sounding board. It may be a good idea to consult with an attorney or accountant on business structure and building business credit. Often, it is more advantageous to be a corporation for legal and accounting purposes.

Finding A Customer Base

All successful entrepreneurs like Gary Young will agree that the main idea behind starting a business is making money. Is there a market for the product or service being sold? Hopefully, you have done your homework and tested the waters. Frequently, location is important when one opens a business. If you are a baker, find a neighborhood with no bakeries. Further, remember that it may take a while to see a profit. Hopefully, you have enough capital to survive while the business takes off. This is why it is smart to build business credit.

Building Business Credit

A new business needs assets, and establishing business credit is an asset. Starting a business credit building program gives the business an identity. This identity is used to establish credit worthiness. There are other advantages of building business credit, including:

  1. The business can obtain credit based on its own reputation
  2. It helps to separate the owner’s finances from the business
  3. Credit is an asset that increases the value of a business

This comes in handy if the business is ever sold. And, it is an advantage for the business to have its own credit cards and financing ability. If you are having difficulty, go online and investigate how to establish business credit.

Taking Care Of The Money

Accounting is key from the start of a business. Many start-up costs are tax deductible. Do your homework and investigate whether you need an accountant. There is computer software that helps with office accounting. A computer savvy individual can save money by doing their own accounting. In addition, software also makes it easy for a business to file their own taxes. Follow the guidelines and make your business a success.